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Curves Take Over England During London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend

With retailers like Simply Be, Evans and Asos Curve, England has successfully made their mark in the world of plus size fashion. The Official London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend plans to take things to the next level.
From Feb 16th-17th, 2013 all unconventional fashionistas are invited to bask in and express their love of fashion by attending one of the ONLY plus-size fashion weekend events in the UK dedicated to the plus size women.

Three Important Things That You Need To Know About London Plus Size Fashion Weekend:

What is the OFFICIAL London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend?  
LPSFW is a weekend solely dedicated to the Fuller Figured women of the UK, based in various locations in and around LONDON. We would like to showcase the plus-size community in a positive light, by combining the fashion and people together.
What we want to achieve?
A welcoming official event that is set to help promote the positive elements of plus-size fashion whilst engaging with the consumers who want to buy the products.
Who is welcome?
We would like to welcome all to our event weather you are plus-size or not as we feel it is important to understand each other before making a judgement on fuller figured women of the UK.

London Plus-size Fashion weekend (LPSFW) to take place in November 2012

Womens plus size clothing 2 London Plus size Fashion weekend (LPSFW) to take place in November 2012

The London Plus-size Fashion Weekend is set to take place in early November, and with all the last bit of information being pulled together, we are getting really excited about what will be taking place. The event will be an absolute haven for women’s plus size clothing, and we have all the info and backround on the weekend right here for you.

The official LPSFW will take place over a two day period in November 2012, and will be set around various locations in London. It’s an opportunity for all unconventional fashionistas to open up and express their passion for fashion. The entire weekend is dedicated to the fuller figured women and showcases the controversial and the  curvy, embracing everything about them and their bodies.
Organised by Remi Ray of plus size fashion blog Trapped In A Skinny World, the self-proclaimed size 16 felt that she didn’t fit in comfortably in an industry she had studied in, worked in and loved for years.
“Many will say that this isn’t an area of concern but looking from the inside out i was once a child that questioned my ability because i was bigger than my peers, i didn’t understand at that time that it wasn’t my size that made me but my mind. This was a tug or of war for me as i got older and can sometimes be an obstacle now while i try to establish myself in the main stream fashion world and as heard from many others this has also been their issue too.”
Women’s plus size clothing is such an important and contentious issue. We’ve all used clothing as an extension of our personalities, which is why it is so imperative that there is a vast array of women’s plus size clothing available, reflecting a whole kaleidoscope of sartorial options to suit all tastes, ages and styles. Remi Ray goes on to explain
“If you have ever been like me then you may have stared from a distance at FASHION for the skinny mini’s with a dumb struck face and wished to have also been front ROW at some of the greatest shows to EVER have grace the CATWALKS.  However, while being too short which of course is like the end of the world and an instant NO NO in the “fashion industry” being too BIG was always the most fearful fault in the back of my mind and is still to date one of the most highly debated subjects that surrounds REAL women, fashion and society’s expectation of what a model or a fashionable person should be. “
Womens plus size clothing 1 London Plus size Fashion weekend (LPSFW) to take place in November 2012

Speaking about what will happen at the event, Remi explains that in addition to an amazing selection of women’s plus size clothing, the event will allow designers and consumers to interact.
We are providing a platform like many other fashions brands have to explore and open up the Plus-Size UK market. Its a shame that we have a lack of representation for what facts have shown us for many years women are bigger than they were years before. We feel at LPSFW that is important to see women who are like me and you to help promote and build confidence in us as a consumer so we build a connection with our brands, please understand that we are also fully aware that  there are many fuller figured women that are completely happy with their bodies and may just require a social avenue with other that are just the same.”
You can find out all the information on the official London Plus Size Fashion Weekend on their official website at

London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend, February 16-17, 2013

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It seems that for the past year or so most of my clothing has come from international retailers such as those in the UK. Well I just stumbled upon some info that us curvy fatshionistas will be happy to know. Coming next February, London will host it’s first Plus-Size Fashion Weekend. The official LPSFW will take place over a two day period on February 16-17, 2013, and will be set around various locations in London. They are delighted to have the opportunity to invite all fashionistas to open up and express their love for fashion by attending (The Official London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend) event being held in the UK dedicated to the fuller figured women. The showcase will provide a platform for showing off the controversial curvy women that embrace all that makes them who they are.



London Plus Size

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I November går den allra första London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend av stapeln. Ett tillfälle för industrin att träffa konsumenter, designers träffa bloggare och diskutera plus size mode, framtid och andra spännande aspekter. Jag ska absolut hålla ögonen på hur eventet utvecklar sig. Det vore kul att åka dit. Ni som tycker det verkar intressant kolla in det på

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London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend

I am considering a London trip in February. Why? To attend The Official London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend, off course! With retailers like Simply Be, Evans and Asos Curve, England has successfully made its mark in the world of plus size fashion, and now it´s time to take things to the next level. From February 16th-17th, all [...]

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